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NetEase, Inc. (simplified Chinese: 网易; traditional Chinese: 網易; pinyin: WǎngYì) is a Chinese Internet technology company providing online services centered on content, community, communications and commerce. The company was founded in 1997 by Ding Lei. NetEase develops and operates online PC and mobile games, advertising services, email services and e-commerce platforms in China.

A confused user shared "how do u change the language on Netease? cause its all in Chinese".


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Current Employee - Account Executive says

"Zero on-boarding. Micro management 3 layers deep. Too many long-tenured sales leaders with no team building skills. Poor internal communication. Corporate culture of arrogance. Management by intimidation, shouting, belittling. Poor technical support for customers. There are just SO MANY cons."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- as many others have noted, the culture is extremely clique. a lot of drama, personalities, and cultural rough edges. - top management was blind to poor middle management. we lost a lot of good people due to horrible middle management. - very cult of personality. drink the kool aid or be punished."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Extraordinarily negative environment. It is difficult to figure out why people are standoffish and refuse to help, until they throw the next unsuspecting person under the bus. Ineptitude abounds!"

Former Employee - Technical Solutions Developer says

"This is a Israeli company headquarters in Israel. If you worked in the military or are Israel; you would fit in here. However; people that speak Hebrew do it all day and it makes others that don’t speak Hebrew uncomfortable as if there’s a plot or a hidden agenda going on. For that reason I’d be concerned that titles don’t matter much at the company if your as long as your in the inner circle i.e. 1) Your Israeli, 2) your military. You don’t have to even be good at your job if you have those two things going for you. Your protected. I’d avoid working in the Newton Office if you have any aspirations of making any sort of impact at the company, especially if your not in the military or israeli. Anything and everything runs though the Israel office. Because of this the Newton Office is very ineffective in a lot of areas and cross departments rarely meet with each other and many times will have constant duplicate work because no one is on the same page. They don’t meet as they believe it’s a waste of time as ALL decisions and technology all run through Israel on the other side of the world. On top of which it seems like everyone isn't necessarily interested in working together but rather pushing there on ideas on projects that just will make the individual look good rather than seek out the best decisions possible for the company. The company also seems to treat contract employees like garbage. Contract employees are not part of the CyberArk culture as your treated as an outsider, almost like an a student intern. You won't be apart of meetings that you should be. You could be working on the same project someone is already doing; your boss may or may not know that; eitherway they do not care. Each year each department submits requests for new projects and software they need to do their job but these aren’t really technical people that are qualified to say this is something we should spend x amount of dollars on. Either they’ve just used the software before or they’re just guessing."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"If you work in the Newton office, there is no flexibility or work/life balance. If you aren't part of the in crowd, you might as well throw up a white flag and go look for another job, because you will never get anywhere. They can't keep really good people because of this."

Former Employee - Sales says

"Even if you consider yourself a happy person, CyberArk can make you anxious and miserable. Zero on-boarding and training Upper management and tenured employees form cliques and act like high school bullies and it's obvious around the office Creativity not encouraged - business development and sales organizations are held to follow strict talk tracks for emails and voicemails Decisions are driven by favoritism No team atmosphere - no collaboration or team morale Overall infectious negativity"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"HR posts fake positive reviews to 'push down' all the negative ones. There is a lot of cliques here and you will eventually get stabbed in the back. Crappy location in Newton unless you live in that town. Too much favouritism. WAY too much gossip. Especially from directors. Treacherous nature from HR and Recruiters. High turnover. Marketing basically lost 10 or so people in less than a year. All resignations."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very bizarre and extremely cold company culture. People will completely ignore each other around the office. There are a few well-established cliques among the employees, and if you're lucky, you'll be accepted into one of them. If not, then you'll basically have an X on your back for the rest of your time here. During my time here, I didn't receive a single minute of training or continued education; I was simply expected to continue to improve and learn more completely on my own. The higher-ups here think that they can do no wrong, and are not receptive to new ideas/new ways of thinking. If you try to do this, you'll likely get the axe. There are strong political forces at work here, and a culture that's fueled by rumors and paranoia. The burdensome culture here began to weigh heavily on me, eventually depressing my mood both at the office and at home."

Current Employee - Generalist says

"I work in the Newton office which functions like prison. The office is in middle of nowhere at far end of Newton. One too many cliques and a whole lot of favoritism. The CMO surrounds himself with his former buddies from RSA so you get the sense that you can't join their club unless you worked with them before. A lot of drama, especially in Marketing. The entire web team recently quit within 30 days of each other. It really ruined the office morale. Directors in this zone are not friendly people and women who run it are nick-named 'the mean girls' so be careful if you want to work in communications or product marketing. The pay is below the industry norm which is one of the many reasons why CyberArk is losing their best people. The company only cares about Sales people. Everyone else is treated like dirt."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"A public company that is still being run as if it was a startup. Very limited growth opportunities since it's a mostly flat organization in most departments and on top of that there's poor leadership in most of them. Compensation has gotten worse year after year."

Shift Leader (Current Employee) says

"This is a horrible company to work for I was basically let go because I was sick during covid 19 after I worked my butt off for them for 13.00 a hour... They don't care at all about the employees it's. All about money !!!NoneEverything"

Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"A few people did all the work while most of them got paid to do nothing, management allowed it. Employees for the Home Depot warehouse, the location I worked, were extremely inappropriate with female employees."

Custodian (Former Employee) says

"Place is a joke. Work at Montogery Pa. The lead is no lead at all. You do not get hire there if the lead hears bad stuff about you, back when you were in high school. She tries to get all her relatives to work there. The supervisor is an hour away so she has no clue what is going on at this place. I will finish it up by saying again this place is a joke."

Inside Sales (Current Employee) says

"Not a great place to work. Pay stinks. The only benefit you get is health insurance and you pay a fortune for it. I worked at inside sales. The owner runs sales and his only sales plan is "Get big ones!" Every day he would say "Did you get one yet?" Get a clue man. The owner/president is clueless. He doesn't even understand the basics of business. Everybody has to do it for him. He just runs around the office bugging people. They spend a fortune making the office look gorgeous but won't spend a penny on their employees. Enjoy your $250 Christmas bonus because that's as good as it gets. Oh, and there is the holiday dinner at the country club the owner belongs to.Pizza every other Wednesday.Everything else."

Admin. Director (Former Employee) says

"Don't recommend this facility, poor leadership, poor culture, no advancement, they don't care about their employees, poor patient care, understaffed nurses."

Cleaner/Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"The Job is not a place you want to work. The lead was very bad that I had. He constantly did stuff to me and he was one of the main people that made me leave. The Home depot people treat you like trash and have no respect for you. The only reason I kept the job for so long was that I wanted to take trips haha. Overall it was a terrible place my co workers were cool but the lead was the worst ever to me. Stay away at all cost if you can. no defacement and just a bad place to work."

ED Patient Access Team Leader (Current Employee) says

"Great company. Management isnt great benifits arnt good. They do not accept Dr. notes when you are sick and get written up for calling in even if you or your children are sick.its a job to pay your bills"

Payroll Specialist (Former Employee) says

"It was like a sweat shop. Dont move from your seat. kind of job. I should have been a smoker. they are allowed to move from their seats to go outside."

Cook (Current Employee) says

"Just a job. No future no positive encouragement. No care for family life. Directors need to be "human". Need to create a environment of positivity. Not constantly threatening write ups and terminations and throwing people out the door due to their judgements or their likes of individuals."

Patient Service Technician (Current Employee) says

"if its not for nursing or respiratory tech dont come to this place"

Custodian (Former Employee) says

"To save you some time I will keep it as short as possible. I worked there for about 6 months. Management gives you phoney job titles to make you feel special. Yet don't raise your pay but constantly press you about doing a better job when nothing better can be done. Manager makes no sense. I would bust my behind every day and yet somehow there was always a new complaint over something I had no control of."

Site Director (Former Employee) says

"Site supervisors are expected to do three individual supervisors duties, and some departments such as human resources, duties involved hiring, pre-employment paperwork, payroll, background check. Trying to supervise, hire, maintain, build client relationships,and not to mention cleaning multiple sites, sometimes by yourself because the new crew of 10 you spent all week hiring quit in a single night, and the VP of the Pittsburgh region, Chris, states: "Get it done". Not support, no structure, no one to call in for backup because I, the supervisor, am supposed to "get it done", thanks guys!NoneEverything"

OR Tech (Former Employee) says

"Not recommended. Management was horrible. Very “clicky” with employees, not treated fairly at all unless your friends of the manager. Only good thing I can say is the union is amazing."

Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"The management is the worst I've ever seen on a job. Literally the two managers have been lifelong friends and are total trash. They pick favorites and let everyone they don't know do all the grunt work while the people they know get cozy jobs. I saw 4 people quit just in the month I worked there. How this company keeps getting desperate employees is beyond me. AVOID this place at all costs!NoneBad management, overworked, long hours etc."

Janitorial Worker/ Shift lead (Former Employee) says

"I worked my tail end off n was treated as if I was not worth anything. Only one person in the entire company seen my worth. The pay is good but that's about it.Decent payHorrible managment"

Custodian/Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"Managers are vindictive spiteful children that don't know left from right on a good day. Team leads are gossipy children and too many are two faced backstabbers. Pays ok though."

Janitorial Worker (Former Employee) says

"Worked my hind end off and don’t get appreciation for anything. All they say is it’s not good enough when there’s nothing better that could be done. Also it’s a favoritism workplace. Some people are able to get the easy jobs but if the management doesn’t like you then you get the worst jobs. Pay isn’t good either. Not worth it for how much work you do. Save yourself, Go elsewhere! Overall just no"

Cleaning Associate (Former Employee) says

"The higher ups have obvious favoritism. They lie about false positions and trick you. They will tell everybody your buisness and embarrass you in front of them. They are extremely absent and don't enforce rules on people they like. Now the people who will work with you are lazy, slackers, crybabies and cheats."

Certified Nurse Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The experience at Del Sol Medical Center was very disappointing. They need real caring staff for the patients. There is a lot of negligence. Staff does not care about the patients only getting their work done fast."

Transporter (Former Employee) says

"Work environment for a transportation in the hospital is rough but no way to really move up. Same management has been there for the last 15 years and lazy . @ first Co workers friends then enemies. Little pay for too much work. I would not recommend it....to much work for no money and shifts are bad"

M says

"Avoid 126.com paid for 3 orders from this site and they all went to different addresses around the UK but not to my shipping address. Luckily Paypal refunded my order otherwise I would have lost quite a bit of money."

Carl Ramsay says

"I purchased an indoor HD antenna and after relocating it about 5 times then searching for channels, the most that I could come up with was 5, (with one of the 5 wonky reception). Living on the 20 th. floor, I would have thought the reception would be better that this. Total waste of my time."

Jean Walton Uptmor says

"Placed an order for cleaning supplies through "comsten.com" (the link no longer works) & paid by credit card through PayPal. Received immediate "confirmation" email on May 15, 2020 from "PayPal" but not the merchant. The email showed the merchant as "Hall llc" and a receipt number. Four days later I get a shipping update from PayPal with a transaction ID that is not showing up in my account! Again, it shows the same merchant but now has an email contact of "toucheng86495 at 126.com" - no response from them.
Items not received, tracking number (USPS) shows "Label created. Not yet in system." I was scammed! :-(

Tony Mayo says

"I ordered a kayak from 126. Com or someone affiliated with it almost a month ago I love you emailed the link that they have given me still no response to multiple emails I have a feeling I got ripped off beware it sounds too good to be true most likely it is especially with this site people affiliated with it"

Brian says

"I ordered a product from WOWITUS.com and the person's paypal account was @126.com, needless to say like the purchaser who did not receive their product, neither have I! I was lured into making the purchase based off of the low price. I have contacted WOWITUS on it's web based platform, which is another bad sign of a fraudulent company, and received no response. The order says pending since March 23, 2020 and today it is 04/05/2020. I want to share this information to help protect other buyers. Currently paypal does not have anyone manning the telephones because of the world wide pandemic."

Teo says

"messageing at 126.com
1 star because I've received something look a like, but functionality scarce.
Thank's PayPal for returning my money."

Charles Watson says

"I purchased a $189 Craftsman tool set on line on 11-29-2019 for a sale price of $55.96; however, I received nothing for my money and paypal refused to refund me! So much for your purchases being protected by paypal! The only information I could get from paypal is that the person who stole my money goes only by: baili20112 at 126.com So, I have to assume that the person owns or is employed by: 126 or is somehow connected to this company!!! So, if you don't want to lose a lot of money... avoid baili20112at126.com and Paypal!!! Also, I saw that this company had stolen money from over a dozen others in a leaf blower scam!!!"

Rasmus Thalund says

"Delivered a cheap copy product, and want's me to pay the return fee, which is higher than the cost of the product itself.

Scandalous way to make money"

Stacey Oldfield says

"Antenna was not able to pick up CBS so I had to return it."

Joe says

"Works exactly as well as the $15 "80 mile" antenna I bought it to replace.

I get the same 9 channels, through 2 stations. Both of these have repeaters about 40 miles from me. One station comes in pretty strong. One, not so much. Even with my new antenna. I'm about 80 air miles from a city with a bunch of tv stations, but I don't even get a glimmer of static from them with this antenna. It's a tv antenna, but nothing special. I left a screenshot on my Amazon review. I would like the Amazon gift card."

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